An exploration of wine

855. Winzergenossenschaft Bier Jahreszeiten-Kloster Limburg, Dürkheimer Feuerberg Beerenauslese Huxelrebe Pfalz, 1983

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Book 5 Wine 855

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The last, and weirdest, of my Hors Concours case from the WSET. I finally got round to opening it ‘just because’. It was definitely something different, though likely past its best (whatever that is for Huxelrebe…). More exciting on the nose, with cooked citrus, caramel, orange peel, grapey raisin touches and some toast. Deep amber-brown. Lots of caramel on the front palate, then a brisk cooked lemon acidity emerges through the mid-palate. A little hollow. Sweet, but hard to guess the RS at this stage – 100 g/L, perhaps?

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