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653. Gonzalez-Byass, Tres Palmas Fino Sherry, NV (2012)

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Book 4 Wine 653

£35.95 / 50cl; 16%

Hot on the tail of the 2nd Tip Pepe ‘En Rama’ bottlings, Gonzalez-Byass came out with this series of differently aged Fino bottlings: 1, 2, 3 and 4 “Palmas”, depending on age. This 3 Palmas bottling is a Fino perdido / Amontillado, in effect. A deep, burnished gold colour, so unlike either regular Finos, or even the ‘en rama’ style. Salty, anchovy and mature, hard cheese nose. Some bruised apple and blanched-almond notes, with some waxiness – even fresh leather. Fresh herb hints too. On the palate, soft, round and slightly salty. Hard cheese and almond flavours, with a touch of oak and vanilla on the long finish. Overall, I’ve had better aged Finos, but interesting nevertheless.

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