An exploration of wine

697. Didier Morion, Condrieu Vent d’Anges, 2010

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Book 4 Wine 697

£20.44; 15%

After Bollinger Grande Année 1999, this was a comedy / random first still white at dinner with Tim, Kristy, Matt, Ellie and Goof. And Zeus. Given its whopping 15% ABV, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but it actually pleased the crowd, and again showed the quality of 2010 flavour profile. Though served well-chilled, the alcohol was nevertheless not overt and burning. Pale gold. Dry, toasty – almost corked, but actually mineral notes – over a soapy, rosemary and peach nose. Bone dry palate, of soap, apricot and toasty touches. Full-bodied, with some oiliness, yet not blowsy. Enough acidity almost to be ‘crisp’. Long, minerally, slatey finish. Nice.

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