An exploration of wine

696. Silvio Jermann, Were Dreams…, 2008

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Book 4 Wine 696

£70 / magnum; 13.5%

This magnum was part of the Princess Wine Club portfolio, and opened for New Year’s Eve 2012 at Jack and Sarah’s. A classy blend of almost New World richness, but with a savoury Old Worldiness through the mid-palate. Deep yellow-gold – almost worrying from an oxidation point-of-view, but actually completely fine. Rich, intensely ‘buttered toast’ nose, with popcorn hints, over passion fruit and yellow peach. Some lees notes? Full-bodied, soft, but dry, with medium acidity, medium+ alcohol, and medium+ intensity of flavour: more sweet peach fruit, but with a slightly mineral or toast flavour through from mid-palate to medium+ length finish. Pretty good, though not amazing – but shows what north east Italy can do with Chardonnay.

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