An exploration of wine

537. Hidalgo La Gitana, Palo Cortado Viejo Hidalgo VORS, NV

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Book 3 Wine 537

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Saw this on bin-end in Waitrose and thought ‘why not’? It took a while to open, but having done so, a great reward. Stylistically, it’s bone dry, and soon after I drank some Apostoles which is sweetened with 25% PX. Initially I favoured the Apostoles, but actually I think this is a good exemplar of the dry, pure Palomino style. Copper, with a notable olive tint at the rim, reflecting its VORS age. Immediate complexity on the nose: hazelnuts, cakebread, sweet spice, vanilla hints, toast, lemon & orange peel, rancio touches and chocolate powder. Bone dry, with refreshing, fresh orange peel flavours. Long, crisp, citrussy, and slightly salty finish, with some hazelnut & rancio there too. Lovely.

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