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475. Codorníu, Cava Cuvée Reina Cristina Non Plus Ultra Brut, NV (2009)

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Book 3 Wine 475

c. €18; 11.5%

Had to hunt around quite hard to find any Codorníu cavas whilst on holiday in Lanzarote, but eventually found some of their premium range, and in particular this low (zero?) dosage version, which Katy and I then took to the beach for an evening beverage. We’d done the same with Champagne (Mumm NV) the night before, and figured that we needed at least one Cava equivalent. This was very pleasant, with the extra degree of elegance coming from the Chardonnay, alongside the traditional Cava varieties. This lent a toasty note on opening, which ultimately did develop touches of earthy, rubber notes from the local varieties. For a low dosage wine, it was surprisingly not bone dry – perhaps ripe fruit-sweetnesss? Decently lemony, with a fairly fine mousse – albeit slightly coarser than the Mumm… A fine beach night nevertheless!

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