An exploration of wine

436. Tokaji Oremus, Tokaji Dry Mandorlás, 2004

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Book 3 Wine 436

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The first white from the 3rd Optimor Wine Club case – “Anything But Chardonay / Cabernet”. A really interesting one this, as it’s essentially a dry fermented Tokaji – 100% Furmint, too. It has a lot of sweet wine character, but is kept fresh by the naturally quite high acidity of Furmint. Deep yellow-gold. Powerful aromas like tinned peaches, with some tangerine, a squeeze of satsuma and passion fruit, and a dash of honey and vanilla. Full-bodied, lemon peel and preserved lemon palate, with crisp, zingy acidity, and a bitter-lemon (attractive bitterness) finish. Pretty good.

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