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437. Clos des Menuts, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, 2005

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Book 3 Wine 437

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When I saw this on sale at Schipol Airport, I felt I had to take a trip down memory lane, and get a bottle. Back in 1995, when Dad & I visited St. Emilion, we wandered around the village and found a place selling wine (utterly unlike the Médoc or Bordeaux itself). And we got ‘sold’ the 1991 from Clos des Menuts – and very enjoyable it was, over the following few years. Certainly not a household Saint-Emilion, but – as this 2005 proved – a decent quality house. What this 2005 also showed was both the sheer quality & depth of 2005s, and how much longer a life this has ahead of it – 10 years perhaps. Youthful, deep, black-ruby core and a narrow rim. Creamy, milk chocolate, coffee, leather and sweet-spice, with dried-herb / garrigue notes, wrapped around rich plum and black cherry fruit. Rich, flashy, sweet, black-fruit, with smoky finish, where the ripe, but structured tannins emerge. Medium-full bodied. Best in 4-6 years, I’d say, and good for 15?

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