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265. Geyser Peak Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Alexander Valley, 2002

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Book 2 Wine 265

€??; 13.5%

Held onto this for 6 months or so, but got impatient to try it. In fact, it probably didn’t have much long-term ageing potential (although a couple of years might allow secondary complexity to develop). Opaque ruby black core with a narrow ruby rim. Sharp, ‘focused’ blackcurrant nose, liberally coated in cocoa, toasty oak, vanilla hints and some smoke. Full-bodied, high-alcohol, high-glycerine wine. Notable tannin and ‘correct’ acidity (but not enough structure to suggest long-term potential). Focused blackcurrant flavour with a long cherry finish. Significant alcoholic warmth on the finish. 14+%?

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