An exploration of wine

290. Martinelli, Zinfandel “Giuseppe & Luisa” Russian River Valley, 2004

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Book 2 Wine 290

$??; 16.6%

And then Tracey and Dante flourished this from their collection, so we had to have a return visit to “Giuseppe & Luisa” in memory of the first bottle I had with them in San Francisco in 2004. Quite similar to the Geyserville, in fact – in terms of weight, concentration & quality. I guess that the small differences are easier to highlight: more youthful colour – quite even red-purple to the rim. Equally intense nose, but more vanilla and bramble-fruit (no bacon!) – no damson on either tho’… On the palate, softer, without the spice or slight chewiness on the finish. Alcohol made it sweeter, too.

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