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230. Santa Rita, Cabernet Sauvignon Casa Real Maipo Valley Chile, 1997

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Book 2 Wine 230

€30.65; 14%

A lot of pain for the pleasure! In Ireland, Diageo / UB is the agent for Santa Rita, but I had to order this into the staff shop and it took 2 months. Then, afterwards, getting the label off was immensely trying – but one that deserved to come – more like a dollar-bill than the standard Santa Rita label. Anyway, overall a bit of an enigma: a high quality wine, no doubt, but VFM?? Deep black-garnet core with a narrow garnet rim. Intense, complex nose – meaty (salami?), toasty mocha, a bit of focused dark berries and ?cedar? On the palate, concentrated smoky, meaty (steak, but sweeter?) flavour with something warm and alcoholic plus sweet… not chocolate – prune or date maybe?? Notable acidity, but velvety tannin texture with peppery flavour and (slightly short) vanilla finish. Went very well with Parmesan salami… Hmmm, hard to say what this is trying to achieve: food wine, or interesting drinking wine!

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