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229. Preiss-Zimmer, Tokay Pinot Gris Grand Cru Mambourg Alsace, 1998

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Book 2 Wine 229

€9.90; 13.5%

Probably a reflection of the weather in the year, this one. 1998 was one of the hottest on record for the neighbouring part of Germany, and that’s probably what gives this its concentration body, and slightly low acidity. Nevertheless an enjoyable and interesting wine. Mid-yellow-gold core with a narrow, watery rim. Medium intensity nose of fresh almonds, acacia / white flowers and white peaches. Full-bodied, slight sense of sweetness, and notable (though could use more) acidity. Honeyed, slightly lemony, but distinctly creamy flavour. Good length, but a little high on terpene bitterness. Could be more complex.

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