An exploration of wine

126. Paul Jaboulet Aine, Cornas, 1998

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Book 1 Wine 126

c. £18.41; 13%

Dark red colour but with brick-reddish tinge (over-quick ageing?). Coal-smoke licked aromas of dark fruit – damson or black cherry. Quite tannic but generally “angular” flavours again of somewhat dark fruit with degree of robust dryness. Overall OK. Probably not great VFM. Before opening, I had been worried by many comments that Cornas can be “tough” for years, then go past it very rapidly. This was therefore better than my expectations, but on reflection, was indeed a little on the inaccessible side! 2 more bottles left…

[In 2006, the tannins were subtle and well-knit, yielding a pretty nice, mature wine, although significant acidity left the mid-palate somewhat hollow].

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