An exploration of wine

127. M. Chapoutier, Crozes-Hermitage Les Meysonniers, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999

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Book 1 Wine 127

50 FRF – £9; c. 12.5%

A vertical tasting with friends – my first! Happened to end up with a range of these Crozes-Hermitages, starting with the 1995 (above label, bought from Chapoutier’s cave in Tain, and the first to be braille-inlaid), and augmented by the 1999 Jaboulet “Thalabert” rival Crozes, overleaf (from Rob’s collection). The group of 5 of us (me, Rob, Kari, Jack and Tony) scored each out of 10, and the straight averages are given. Notes are mine, and mine alone, with any scores in brackets: 1995 Meysonniers: 5.25 (5) – quite nice but definitely past it. Much smoother tannin than when I bought them. Not much fruit left but toasty, biscuity nose. A bit too much acidity

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