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684. Williams & Humbert, As You Like It Medium Sweet Amontillado Sherry VORS, NV (2012)

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Book 4 Wine 684

£11 / 37.5cl; 20.5%

Surprise find in Waitrose, and good value. Not the most complex VORS, but still pretty good – particularly for a sweetened style. Deep amber, with a broad caramel rim, showing just a hint of olive. Medium+ intensity, complex nose – sweet caramel, hazel- and walnut marzipan, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee cream touches and cooked citrus fruit. Some raisin hints and mocha. Intense, medium-sweet, but balanced by salinity. Low acidity and full-bodied. Woody edge to cooked orange, caramel and sweet spice, with some nuttiness. Long. Just needs more palate depth and complexity to be great.

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