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574. Osborne, Solera P∆P Palo Cortado Rare Sherry, NV (2002)

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Book 4 Wine 574
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[Signed by Rocío Osborne, 2018: For Tim, thank you for a great dinner and for being a Sherry lover! Let’s spread the word out!! 6th generation vintner 😊]

And the diet Sherry theme rumbles on! Thought I’d run out, then remembered I had this ‘waiting for the right moment’. Turns out I’d bought it in 2002, so 9 years for that to arrive! And in the light of Jesús Barquín’s comments on bottle-ageing of Fino-styles, this was timely too! And wow – worth the wait – complex, ever-changing and more-ish. Not perfection, but very good. Deep amber, fading through pale, to a clearly olive-tinged rim. Initially, could have been faulty, but actually walnut, oak & rancio influence on the complex, intense nose: crème caramel, nut brittle, oak smoke, macadamia – very nutty, with coffee cream, and cinnamon toast crunch sweetness. Deep. Medium-dry, finishing drier. Balanced, despite 22% ABV; full-bodied with slight tannins at the very long finish. Complex. Rich. Walnut, cakebread, caramel, coffee and walnut loaf, with a peppery, savoury finish, and old cheese rancio overtones. Best lightly chilled. Exceptional.

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