An exploration of wine

669. Harvey’s, Palo Cortado Sherry, NV (2011)

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Book 4 Wine 669

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A touch woody, and slightly alcoholic on the finish are the only detractions from an otherwise very good drink. Though labelled “exceptional age”, this is not Harveys’ VORS Palo Cortado, but the one below. Pale-to-medium tawny, fading to amber, with olive glints in the broad rim. Pronounced hazelnut, vanilla, walnut marzipan, rancio, cinnamon and clove touches. Hint of cooked citrus. Off-dry or even medium in sweetness. Medium acidity and some saltiness on the mid-palate. Quite warming alcohol through the long finish. Cooked lemon, oak toast flavours, with some vanilla richness. Very spicy mid-palate.

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