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610. Domaine Latour-Giraud, Meursault Cuvée Charles Maxime, 2000

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Book 4 Wine 610

£20; 13%

A very frustrating wine – first bottle showing some age / oxidation (but drinkable), but the second corked so I could neither check, nor test if it was actually a good onion soup match when opened a couple of weeks later at Booker! A decent producer, but not a great vintage meant it didn’t have quite enough acidity to hold up. Deep gold, but no obvious premox ‘copper’ colour. Smoky hazelnut over ripe yellow peach, but with a distinct caramel note – mature or oxidised? Rich, toasty, warm yellow peach flavour, but needs to be crisper for good balanced. Medium length. A proper, dark onion soup would surely have fitted it?

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