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583. Sanchez Romate, La Sacristía de Romate Oloroso Sherry VORS, NV (2011)

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Book 4 Wine 583
£25.99 / 50cl; 20%

Out of place, this entry, having flipped with Botaina. But either way, a superb VORS Oloroso, with a classy bottle design to match (albeit with on-bottle printing rather than a label…) Classic deep amber / mahogany, fading to olive hints at the broad amber / caramel rim. Pronounced, rich, sweet nose of cocoa, walnut and citrus peel. Some hints of raisins and other dried fruit too. Some coffee-cream and cinnamon – but more coffee character. Some woody notes and a hint of rancio. Complex. Dry, but comes across as off-dry initially, with sweet, cooked-fruit character, coffee and oak. Though to the long, balanced finish, it becomes drier and much more savoury. A rancio-driven, mature hard cheese note at the finish. Very good.

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