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483. Bodega La Geria, Manto Malvasía Lanzarote, 2008

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Book 3 Wine 483

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Katy and I discovered this by dropping in on the winery, whilst cycling through the crazy-insane vineyards in Lanzarote’s La Geria volcanic zone. Each vine is planted at the base of a 2m-wide pit dug in the black volcanic soil, with a North-facing windbreak was on each crater’s rim. The area’s wineries were modern and well equipped, and the wines generally reflect that – cleanly made. This was their top wine, so had more concentration and length, but passed the ‘holiday wine’ test well. Pale gold colour. Lemon, melon and a touch of honey on the nose. Citric palate, but with a ‘volcanic’ mineral undertow that works well. Decent acidity; medium length. Not bad at all!

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