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416. Emilio Lustau for Berry Bros, Manzanilla Pasada de Sanlúcar 1/80 Manuel Cuevas Jurado Solera, NV

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Book 3 Wine 416

£8.99 / 37.5cl; 17%

Dawn picked this up as part of getting together a revision-list of wines for our WSET fortified exam. We got through 30 wines in 6 hours, on her house-bout (The Gainsborough Trader) in South Quay Marina – a marathon effort. Amongst these were my first two Almacenista (trader’s) sherries. This one was my first Manzanilla Pasada, but was most remarkable for exhibiting very little oxidative / aged character at all, when tasted side-by-side with regular Manzanilla. From my second, blind note on this: pale gold core, with a nose of green olives, green apple peel, salted almonds, and classic aldehyde notes. Medium intensity palate of cream, saltiness, almonds and green olives. “A good example of a fino”, which more or less said it all!

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