An exploration of wine

250. Domaine Bressy Masson, Rasteau Rancio Vin Doux Naturel, NV

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Book 2 Wine 250

€10.97; 16%

This was a disappointment more because it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting than because of its quality. This is particularly surprising because I definitely tasted it in the Maison du Vin near Orange before buying! Essentially, whilst I’d deliberately bought the ‘rancio’ style, the bottle wasn’t as sweet as I had in my head, and was more dominated by… well… the rancid butter notes. Polished-teak colour. Bouquet reticent of nutty oloroso, but with rancid butter and some cocoa notes. Almost off-dry palate, with again some sense of oloroso Sherry style. Dunno how ‘typical’ this is.

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