An exploration of wine

221. Geyser Peak Winery, Sauvignon Blanc California, 2004

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Book 2 Wine 221

€??; 13%

Brought as a set of gifts from someone staying with me to see U2 in Dublin, who worked for Wine Spectator and Cigar Aficionado. Another opportunity to review my perspective (from Cakebread) that Sauvignon Blanc is not a good grape for Napa / California. Though this was certainly a marked improvement, I’d still say not to pursue US Sauvignon Blancs (especially over NZ!). Pale, grassy-green colour, without the yellow-brown hints I’ve seen elsewhere. Zippy, gooseberry notes with decent freshness, and no “overcooked” notes. On the palate, quite fruity, but a surprising sweetness and missing a little crispness. This was what took away from the quality potential. OK, but not great for the (likely) price.

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