An exploration of wine

214. Kokuryu Shuzo, Nihonshu Daiginjo, 2003

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Book 2 Wine 214

JPY4,000; 15.5%

My favourite Japanese Sake – the Daiginjo (50% milled rice) from Kokuryu (Black Dragon) sake company. They do a JPY5,000 top version (might be 60% milled rice!), but this is just fine enough for me! Served well-chilled, this has a delicate aroma of blanched almonds or almond oil, with some white flowers or maybe even white peach? But the class is on the palate – beautiful texture, with a slight sweetness but above all a creaminess and warming body. How sake should be… and labels too – embroidered material (albeit by machine)!! Good stuff.

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