An exploration of wine

201. Harvey’s, Champagne Pirrot Extra Dry, NV (c. 1965)

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Book 2 Wine 201

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Weird and entertaining end to Easter (the Graham’s 1970 is out of sequence…). A bottle that had sat in my Grandfather’s cellar since 1965 (he’d written the date on the neck label). So a good chance to test how a Non-vintage Champagne ages! The answer: not too badly. 40 years on, the mousse had disappeared, but some residual fine bead remained, with distinct spritz on the palate. Deep yellow-gold colour. Bouquet centred around an appley core, but with honey and Manzanilla-sherry-like notes. Similar sherry sense on the palate (but not unpleasant – only slight) with medium acidity and good body. Not bone dry, but fresh. Nice!

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