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57. Champagne Bollinger, Special Cuvée, NV (2002)

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Bolly NV

£27; 12%

Always heard a lot of good things about Bollinger NV – often as the best Grande Marque NV Champagne, but never got around to finding out until July 2002. It is a Champagne that lives up to its reputation. Particularly felt very well balanced to me – between fruitiness, body and acidity. Strawberry fruity aromas on the nose without much bready or toasty aromas suggested a high proportion of red grapes – turned out to be only 15% Chardonnay – so felt very smug… Pale straw with small bubbles and balanced acid and flavour. Very pleasant. But… doesn’t overall justify £27+ per bottle. For quality / price of a Grande Marque, I’d take Taittinger.

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