An exploration of wine

130. Kokuryu, Daiginjo Nihonshu, Fukui, 2003

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Book 1 Wine 130

3,000 JPY; ??%

This Japanese sake has the coolest name “Kokuryu”, or Black Dragon, from Fukui prefecture. This is a daiginjo grade Sake with up to 50% of every rice grain ‘polished’ away before ferment-brewing. This is Kokuryu’s 3rd best daiginjo. They have a JPY 4,000 and a JPY 5,000 version, which each have 50-60% polished away. I have drunk the JPY 4,000, and this one was notably less good. Though aromatic and certainly good quality, it didn’t have the aromatic white-flower / apricot note of the JPY 4,000. It also had a little sharpness and not quite so much thick, oily richness with sweet flavour touches. Hmm.

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