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158. Château de Pennautier, l’Esprit de Pennautier Cabardès, 2000

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Book 1 Wine 158

€18; 13.5%

A first taste of the Languedoc. Probably drunk too young, so disappointing value for money, compared with the range of good value drinking in the region (see overleaf!). Definitely a wine for developing with age, and a good wine… just not 4-5 times better. 3 stars in the Guide Hachette 2004. Dark, almost black core with still ruby / early developed rim. Moderate dark fruit aromas, with hints of toast and spicy secondary aromas. Full-bodied dark fruit flavour with moderate acidity and notable tannins. Thickness suggests significant glycerine. I wish I had bought 2, to see what this becomes in 2-3 years. Good, but not good enough in 2004… One of the heaviest bottles on Earth too…

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