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138. Weingut Probst, Achkarrer Schlossberg Grauer Burgunder Auslese Trocken Kaiserstuhl Baden, 1998

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Book 1 Wine 138

“€11.30”; 16.5%

And this was another of the clear highlights of our tasting at Weingut Probst (the winemaker – Reiner – has signed the left page). Having got chatting to him, he brought out an extra wine to taste, and wow! Pinot Gris is one of his specialities, but the 1998 was exceptional for the Schlossberg hillside. VERY hot weather made the grapes reach Auslese potential alcohol naturally (no Chaptalisation), so this hit 16.5% ABV! Aromas of dried fruit and straw reflected the raisining of the grapes from late harvest and oak-ageing. Rich and thick-bodied but fermented to dryness. Long. Gold colour. Very nice – and I persuaded him to sell me 1 bottle (for the 2002 price!!!)

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