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129. King & Barnes, Christmas Ale Bottle Conditioned, 1995

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Book 1 Wine 129

£1 (33cl); 8%

A random beer entry, but one that had to go in. Some history here! When I first cooked Christmas puddings, following my late grandmother’s recipe, I needed strong beer – like Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (7.5% ABV). I found – I think in Oddbins, High St, Oxford – this high ABV ale from a fine brewer, that just seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It did then (1995), and those 3 puddings served me well until 1999. It then took me another 5 years to use the 3rd and last bottle from ’95, to complete the job with another three puddings (2004-2006, hopefully…). In spite of being beyond the ’99 sell-by date, the bottle-conditioned ’95 ale was still good for it – cinnamon spicy nose, with rich, full-flavoured sweet spice flavours – perfect for good puds!

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