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833. Champagne Comte A. de Dampierre, Grand Cru Brut, 2002

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Book 5 Wine 833

£100; 12.5%

A nice 39th birthday dinner with Ruth for this one at Planet of the Grapes. Initially I feared it was corked but I think just maturity. On the back palate there was again a slight hint of mustiness, so perhaps some low-level TCA. Either way, still a pleasant drop. Deep gold, with a fine, light bead. Pronounced aromatics of toasted brioche and fresh baked biscuit. Some cream and hints of mushroom (with that slight musty twang perhaps). Bright, crisp acidity, but with lemon and toast density to balance. Very fine mousse. Long. Balanced. Dry. Just a musty, corky touch on the finish that detracts.

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