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365. Château-Figeac, Saint Emilion 1er Grand Cru Classé, 1995

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Book 2 Wine 365

£58.97 (after discount); 13%

So to continue my dinner theme of 1995 (after repeating the Schmitges experience), we came to a pair of Bordeaux. Served with roast rack of lamb, this (being slightly lighter) was the better food mix, but the Cru Bourgeois overleaf was the slightly better standalone wine. This had a medium-deep garnet core with a maximum medium-width brick-garnet rim. Leather and cigar box / dried tobacco, with soft spice on the nose. Some garrigue (!) alongside dried currants & red fruit. Very soft, supple palate of spicy oak tannin – quite savoury. Svelte, but some acidity there too. Smoky length, but the fruit dies quite early. A touch light bodied (i.e. medium, not full). Not much life left in this, I’d say. Very nice, but not a good £50+ wine.

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