An exploration of wine

205. E. Guigal, Côte-Rôtie Brune et Blonde de Guigal, 1998

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Book 2 Wine 205

€29.50; 13%

Built this one up a bit in my own mind, which is always risky! And on pouring I got worried that this might be corked, due to a slightly rubber-sole note, that seemed almost to ‘flatten’ the building aroma on inhalation. Fortunately, this eventually dissipated, to reveal an intriguingly complex, multi-layered wine below, only in early maturity. Roasted meats and black pepper, developing into [note finished (!) after 2nd bottle drinking very well in 2006]: some hints of fresh leather and warm spice. Beautifully balanced blend of flavour, tannin and acidity that gave a very satisfying glassful. Baked fruit and toasty spice. Nice!

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