An exploration of wine

319. Pio Cesare, Gavi di Gavi, 2005

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Book 2 Wine 319

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How pleasant (& civilised): whilst putting together the ‘Optimor Wine Club’s’ first mixed case with Matt & Marc at Planet of the Grapes, we cracked this. With a couple of glasses gone, they let me leave with the rest, for the team back at the office to enjoy. And another Gavi di Gavi success, too. Oddly, a pale green hue – more akin to Pinot Gris / Grigio than the golden Gavis I’ve had before – but nevertheless, had the complexity & interest. Sherbet lemon (!) nose with some green apple. Medium bodied, moderate acidity with sweet grapefruit flavour and light toastiness over the reasonable finish. Well made.

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