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195. Domaine des Petits Quarts, Bonnezeaux Le Malabé 1er Tri, 2001

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Book 2 Wine 195

€15; 13%

Second 2001 from this producer, from a selected hillside within Bonnezeaux. Similarly a little low in acidity, but similarly a very good wine! Deep gold / copper core fading to a wide pale-gold rim. Initial appley aromas giving-way to crystallised fruits and ginger, laced with honey and botrytis notes. Fresh palate whose acidity nearly cuts through the very rich, sweet and glycerine-filled flavour of caramelised apple, honey and a very clear creamy vanilla finish that persists. Went better than planned with cinnamon caramelised-apple tart and Calvados custard – primarily because of that creaminess. Must be served well chilled, but if so, a lovely dessert wine.

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