An exploration of wine

99. Marques de Murrieta Ygay, Rioja Blanco Reserva Capellanía, 1996

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Book 1 Wine 99

£8-9; 12.5%

Label on this disintegrated totally no matter what tricks I used to remove it! But the label was cool enough and the wine interesting enough that I found an image on the net and printed it. It’s interesting because it’s a fairly heavily oaked (Reserva-standard) white Rioja. This produces a wine that certainly wouldn’t please all palettes [sic], being dominated by the oak, but with fresh acidity instead of a Chardonnay-style butteriness.

Really toasty aromas, mingled with those of roast white meats – chicken or fried pork. In fact, this makes it a perfect match for the dish I first drank it with – chicken braised in stock and the strong flavour of soy sauce. Deep gold colour also reflects the oak ageing. Flavours are reminiscent of the juices from a roast chicken, but with a clear acidity – the back label says lemon and I wouldn’t disagree. Nice.

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