An exploration of wine

137. Weingut Probst, Achkarrer Schlossberg Muskateller Beerenauslese Kaiserstuhl Baden, 2001

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Book 1 Wine 137

€22; 14.5%, 50cl

[Signature: Reiner Probst]. A private tasting at a winemaker’s near our rowing training camp in Breisach-am-Rhein, on the Alsace border, and all the wines had more French character than classic “light” German. These were a series of interesting and enjoyable wines with 2 or 3 stars, of which this was a stand-out. Classic Muscat citric aromas, but counterbalanced by acidity and cold-climate freshness that made them distinctly grapefruity. 44 g/L sugar meant a solid degree of sweetness balanced against acidity (9.9). 14.5% alcohol gave good body. Mid-gold colour. Honeyed grapefruit aromas. Very nice… Bought 3!

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