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578. Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Pedro Ximénez No. 25 Sherry, NV (2011)

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Book 4 Wine 578
£40.50 / 50cl; 15%

A balanced mix of the ‘raisin’ and ‘chocolate’ styles of Pedro Ximenez. And very, very good. A deep, deep, red-brown, with a narrow, amber-caramel rim. Deeply raisin character, with liquorice, tobacco, dried vanilla pod. Tarry, with a hint of coffee bean, then developing into toasty, dark chocolate. Deep and rich. On the palate, deep black fruit comes through: plum and damson – on a rich chocolate flavour. Vinous – like a Maury red. Cinnamon toast hints, with some nuttiness in the background. When cooler, the chocolate & mocha character predominates. Complex. Rich & thick, but acidity is just enough for it not to leave a huge sugar-sweet impression. Very good, and the only detraction is a hint of shortness – it’s only medium+ on length.

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