An exploration of wine

179. Sterling Vineyards, Merlot Reserve Napa Valley, 1999

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Book 1 Wine 179

$35.02; 14.4%

From the same batch as the ’97 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Had this one in a work team meeting with Peter Thorburn (“exploring our products”…!). After considering who this wine would be sold to and on what occasion (in Discernment, probably at dinner with friends, etc.) we did a thorough taste test! Medium-to-deep intensity garnet colour with a narrow rim. Intense core aromas of black cherry and dried cherries, with overtones of caramel vanilla, and can just about see the “milk chocolate” mentioned on the back label – or some chocolate powder aromas. On standing, some caramel / toffee apple developed. Medium bodied with soft, light tannins and noticeable acidity (a little unbalanced by this). Cherry flavours, with cocoa-powder and perhaps coffee-cream medium-long finish. Overall, a pleasant drinking wine that went well with Cadbury’s milk chocolate Buttons!

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