An exploration of wine

180. Mastrojanni, Brunello di Montalcino, 1997

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Book 1 Wine 180

£27; 13.5%

Mid-garnet colour with medium-broad rim. Definite maturity on the bottle’s colour. Medium-to-intense aroma of redcurrant jelly and something meaty, suggesting a good match for spaghetti Bolognese. Over time, opened-up into something similar to oak-aged lambic Kriek cherry beer – classic bitter-cherry Sangiovese – but with a red peppery note. A palate with fresh acidity and ‘integrated’ tannin profile, suggesting ready to drink to me. Red cherry evolving into nutmeg or clove flavours, with good length. Good quality drinking wine, but also a good Italian food wine – acidity and flavour profile well matched to tomato dishes. I hadn’t fully comprehended the Italian wine “best-with-food” argument, but this might well prove to be a first example of that! Glad I have more left from the Italian buy I did whilst at LBS!

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