An exploration of wine

178. Ravenswood, Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi, 2002

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Book 1 Wine 178

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I could have sworn that I already had a Ravenswood label in here from a few years back (I think I drank some in a hotel in Leicester whilst working there, at around the same time I first drank Beringer – see that label! – and I would also swear that the label was a black oak tree on a gold & burgundy background… or maybe a splayed black bird). Either way, this is the only one here! This was a pleasant Napa Valley [sic] Zinfandel, and Ravenswood is a solid producer in general. Really creamy, rich berry and chocolate aromas with a sweet, full-bodied (but low tannin) cherry-and-chocolate flavour that (after some thought) I realised was essentially Black Forest gateau. I think this would be an interesting food-wine matching test. Pepperiness also made this a reasonable salami and mild chorizo match!

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