An exploration of wine

132. Oceana, Coastal Chardonnay Central Coast California, 1997

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Book 1 Wine 132

£3.49; 12.5%

One of the best VFM bottles of wine I’ve had for a while. A Majestic “parcel” of sort-of bin-end, older wine, and what a find! Part of my “exploring different whites” includes exploring more regions for regular grape, including US Chardonnays like this. Mid-gold colour with a hint of brown. Warm-climate, rich Chardonnay notes: caramel, peanut praline and other nutty aromas rather than tropical fruit, however – due to the (harmonious) oak, although I reckon there is a fruit note – pickled Japanese sour plums! Once you’ve come across them, you’d understand. Full-flavour, full texture taste with gentle acidity and a light citrus edge that made this not flabby. Nice!

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