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177. Sterling Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley, 1997

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$55; 14.3%

Product of my first visit to Napa Valley, with my friend Emily. 38C on the verandah at the vineyard’s winery, on top of a hill at the top end of Napa, near Calistoga (accessible only by cable-car – a great tour!), made for a great experience, topped-off by the “VIP Experience” tasting (a good reason for being a Diageo employee!). I bought 3 bottles of this as part of a cas, as I thought they would be good dark-chocolate wines. Drinking a bottle with Ben & Michelle at the flat in Islandbridge confirmed this! Chocolate aromas that were enveloped by dried, dark fruit & cherries, with hints of fresh tobacco. Mid-garnet, fairly deep colour. Soft tannin and good length. Very drinkable. However, not a $100-list-price wine (50% staff discount…!). The Mount Veeder ’96 Cabernet was a better wine. This was nevertheless great!

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