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119. Miranda, The Pioneers Raisined Muscat South Eastern Australia, 2001

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Book 1 Wine 119

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Bright yellow-gold colour, reflecting the concentration from the part-dried Muscat raisined grapes. As expected, pronounced citrus aromas – more lemony than the pure orange / orange peel common to Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, for example, though. Intense sweetness, but quite well balanced by acidic twist. The first sweet from our Sweet & Sparkling night. The first time I drank this was at the Majestic 2003 Winter Tasting for the press, of their pre-Christmas promos. Then, I noted a distinct “preserved lemons” flavour, which was there this time, but a little suppressed. It also had a different (more modern-styled) label – and some of the 18 halves we had available that night were too. These also appeared paler, so I suspect that the above was actually the last of the 2000 (or maybe the first of the 2002) vintage, with a little more complexity, but less clarity.

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