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787. Dr. Loosen, Erdener Treppchen Auslese Riesling 2012, Beerenauslese Riesling 2010, Eiswein Riesling Mosel, 2012

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Book 5 Wine 787

£17.50 / 37.5cl, £16.99 / 187ml, £26.99 / 187ml; 7.5%, 6.5%, 6.5%

Interesting to test this sequence of sweet Riesling styles from the same producer. Noteworthy that the Auslese only is vineyard specific. Clear botrytis progression from Auslese to Beerenauslese, with the Auslese having ripe, slightly tropical fruit aromatics and only roast peach & ginger on the palate. The BA, by contrast, had a deeper colour and spicy & leathery aromatics overlaid on the sherbetty fruit, showing more botrytis. Sweeter too. The Eiswein was sweetest, but didn’t have that botrytis notes – more like honeyed crystal fruits – ‘very concentrated pure fruit’ Riesling character. Vibrant acidity across all 3 wines!

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