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724. ??, Samtrot-Lemberger Baden-Württemberg, 2012

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Book 4 Wine 724

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[Label thrown away by over-keen houseguest!]

An interesting one this, and a kind gift from Soeren: had never had Samtrot before. And it turns out to be a local clone of Pinot Meunier in the Württemberg area. Probably not enhanced by the Lemberger, according to Michael Schmidt. Pale ruby with a broad, rose rim, and a slightly syrupy-looking set of legs. Cranberry and wild strawberry notes – again a bit syrupy – yet with some vegetal, ‘sweaty’ notes too. Soft, medium acidity, medium body, with light, ripe tannins. Medium sweetness, and strawberry and sweet raspberry flavour. Medium length at best, and a little simple, but easy drinking.

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