An exploration of wine

487. Nyetimber, Classic Cuvée Classic Blend, 2001

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Book 3 Wine 487

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Nyetimber has the reputation as the best English sparkling wine, and capable of rubbing shoulders with Champagnes. When the opportunity arose – having Annabel, Sonia, Sally, Laura and Katy over for dinner on St George’s Day – I asked Annabel to pick up some. We weren’t disappointed by either bottle, and I await the 2003 (warm UK summer too) with interest! Quite deep colour, and a relatively fine, persistent bead. Plenty of autolytic, creamy character on the nose, but most notably, very crisp acidity with lemon & green apple character. This bordered unbalanced, if looking for perfection, and I’d expect the 2003 to have that edge taken off to perfection!

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