An exploration of wine

442. Natura Iblea, Eloro Nero d’Avola Archimede, 2001

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Book 3 Wine 442

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Another from the Optimor 3rd “ABC” case, and it reminded me why I went for a Nero d’Avola – there’s definitely something special in Sicily, winewise. This is a good, approachable, yet serious wine that will happily be drunk on its own as much as with food. The only detraction was a slight hint of mustiness, and coupled with only a medium intensity aroma suggested some low-level TCA? We’ll see with the 2nd bottle. Medium-depth, ruby core, with a narrow, rosy rim. Jammy blackberry fruit, heavily laced with cocoa, coffee, clove and a little smoke. Smoky raspberry and blackberry palate – gentle, ripe tannins but quite well structured. High-ish alcohol, but well integrated and balanced by medium acidity, to retain freshness. Pretty good length.

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