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382. York Creek Vineyards, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain District Napa Valley, 2003

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Book 3 Wine 382

€38 / half, restaurant; 14.8%

So we had this to close-out our visit to Napa wineries (we being me, Chris Tucker and Caroline), at the new vegetarian restaurant in Napa, Ubuntu (which had great food, if a little pretentious). We’d managed to visit Cakebread, Stag’s Leap, Franciscan / Mount Veeder, and a ‘port works’, and had sampled several Napa Cabernets. This one stood up quite well for the genre, if a little ‘porty’ with the high alcohol content. Quite saturated colour, but not entirely opaque. Intense, sweet fruit nose – slightly jammy, and a little porty, with a touch of oak (smoke / spice) influence. Full-ish bodied, but with enough acidity to keep it honest. Moderate, ripe tannin. Medium length. Nice label (which we didn’t see before buying!) – from a half-bottle.

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