An exploration of wine

84. Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos, 1993

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Book 1 Wine 84

110-130 FRF; 13%

A product of my first visit – and learning about – wine regions and wine. Patience pays off. Bought in 1994 from Brocard’s shop in Chablis. Drunk 8 years later and very well worth it. Initially too cold, but on warming to 12C came into balance (too acidic if cold). Very harmonious wine. Rich yet light? Oaked, but very subtly. Golden. Aromas of bread and butter pudding with hint of vanilla and some apricot. Body but with clean acidity. Notably long finish with classic Chablis buttery notes (they had to be there somewhere in this wine!). Lovely.

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